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God Ayyappan And Sabarimala Pilgrimage

God Ayyappan
'Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa' this would be the daily chanting manthra of many lacs of God Ayyappan devotees from southern parts of India who have observed viratham for 41 days in months of December and January.

God Ayyappan is one among great gods of Hindu religion. It is believed according to the legend that he was born to Lord Shiva and Mohini avatar of God Krishna. He is also called in other names: Manikandan, Hariharan, Kaliyugavarathan and Sabarivasan. The temple of God Ayyappan is located on Western Ghats, very near to Vandiperiyar, Idukki district of Kerala. The altitude of this shrine is about 3200 foot above sea level. Many lacs of pilgrims from different parts of the country and even from abroad visit here to get blessing of this great God. December and January are peak time as it attract millions of devotees from different prts of the country.

Regulations in  Sabarimala Pilgrimage

Every one who want to visit Ayyappan temple should wear holy garland and undertake 41 days viratham from the first day of Tamil Month Karthiga . During the pilgrimage the devotees will usually join as groups, and each group has its own experienced pilgrim called Guruswamy. Non-vegetarian foods, liquors, cigars, shaving, hairdressing and sex should be avoided while observing the viratham. The devotees should be kind and polite with all their friends and family members. If it is possible, they can take bath twice daily. The devotees will worship Lord Ayyappan twice a day by chanting mantra Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. Naturally every one who avoid bad habits during those days can improve their physical and mental health.


Preparing Irumudi is very important part of the pilgrimage. It has two bags made of safforon colored cloth. One bag contains ghee filled coconut and rice flour. The other bag is used to carry necessary things for pilgrimage.

Mandala Pooja and Mahara Pooja are the two important parts of celebrations in Sabarimala and each celebration will be held for many number of days. Mahara Jothi is the highlight of Mahara Pooja which could be seen on a hill of Kanthamalai lying in front of the temple on every first day evening of Malayalm month Maharam.

Five Important stages of  Sabarimala Pilgrimage

Erumeli Pettai Thullal,  Bathing in river Pamba, Climbing on Neelimalai, Getting the glimpse of Ayyappan after climbing up 18 holy steps, Ghee Abishekam are five important stages of  Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Important Tips for the Pilgrims

It is incredibly true that many number of pilgrims used to walk hundreds of Km from their native place to reach Lord Ayyappan temple. Though it reveals their great belief and faith on God, it will certainly have great impact on physical and mental health. So, it is advisable to avoid such a very long walking. Another great task during pilgrimage is climbing up on Neelimalai, and in fact it's a very steep mountain. If you  have any heart problem or heart disease, it is better to think twice before planning for the pilgrimage. Because, there is no other means of transport than climbing up by foot on Neelimalai.

These days most of the pilgrims arrange their private cars for pilgrimage and some people have to travel a very long distance to arrive temple. It is true that those people might have a single driver. To ensure the safe driving those drivers must relax them self on the way of their long journey. Another important thing is that driver should be experienced enough for driving along ghat road.



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