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Three Different Groups in Christianity

God Jesus
With more than 250 crores of adherents Christianity is the first largest religion of the world. This religion has been mostly spread over European, American and African countries. Christians believe that Lord Jesus is the son of God and he is one who can bear and forgive all those sins committed by humans in the world.

He was only person suffered much for the welfare of humanity and it is believed that Jesus reached the God world successfully on behalf of humanity after he was crossed. All Christians generally believe in the words of God Jesus and trust that he will offer a peaceful endless eternal life for the one who had lived as a true christian in this physical world.

There are three groups of Christianity namely Catholic Church, Protestantism and Eastern Orthodox Church.

Catholic Church is the first largest group as it has more than 1.2 billion followers world wide. It is the oldest church and said that that was directly founded by God Jesus and his successors are bishops. Bishop Rome is called Pope and he is the leader of Catholic church. It believes on the concept of three Hypotheses: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus is said as the second person and thus believed as son of God. Judgement after death is a great belief in this religious group. After death every person will receive judgement according to their sins and good deeds. Heaven is explained here as a great spiritual enlightenment due to the unity of our soul with the God. Purgatory is the state of getting rid of sins committed in the physical life. Final Damnation is the repent of person who is supposed to be present permanently in the hell because of countless sins.

There are more than 40 percent of Christians through out the world in this Protestantism group. The adherents of this group protest against some philosophy and concepts in the other two groups. It was originated in European countries in early 16th century.  This group denies papal supremacy and  Roman Catholic doctrines. Scripture is the main principle here. Of course they do not deny every aspect of early age of Christianity. Secondly this group strongly relies on the judgement on faith while other groups preach the possibility of pardon even after severe sins.  Universal priesthood is the third principle here which says about the responsibility of citizen in the development of the country. Priests are the mediators between God and men.

Eastern Orthodox Church is the third largest group of Christianity with more than 300 million of followers throughout the world. It has been spread in many countries including Palestine, Greece, Syria, Romania, Lebanon, Russia and so on. The main aim of this group is to separate it from western group. It also does believe in three divine parts: God Father, God Son and Holy spirit. Though these three parts are distinct from each other, they are considered and respected as whole single divine part. This confirms about the Resurrection of Christ as God Jesus has both physical and divine forms. After death soul reaches Heaven and becomes saint, they say. Baptism is also playing an important role in this group where a sinful person will get purified and aged persons will become young ones.



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