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Lord Murugan And His Abodes And Important Festivals

Lord Murugan
Lord Murugan is the most popular God of Hinduism. According to the legend he is represented as Tamilian God since most of his temples are located in Tamil Nadu. In Hinduism he is worshiped as the younger son of Lord Siva's family. He is also called in many other beautiful names: Kanthan, Andiappan, Murugesan, Kumaresan, Subramani, Mayilvakanan and so on.

Sometimes he seems to have six faces and twelve hands and this god is also called as Arumugam. In Tamil 'Aru' means six and 'mugam' means face. Peacock is the vehicle of this God  and therefore there will be an idol of peacock in front of his every temple.

Lord Murugan has six prominent temples in different parts of Tamil Nadu which are said in Tamil language as 'Arupadai Veedu'. Every one of six temples has an interesting story which tells how the Lord came to get that abode. Palani, Swamimalai, Thiruparankundram, Thiruchendur, Thiruthani and Palamuthircholai are Lord Muruga's six abodes

Shri Palani Andavar

This is the first home of Lord where his holy temple is situated on the top of 200 m high rock. The specialty of idol is that it is made up of amalgam of nine minerals called as 'Nava Bashana'. The deity is bald headed and standing position, and just has loin cloth on his hip. He happened to come to this hills due to the feud in his family as he missed to get divine fruit which was brought by Naradha saint. God here is known as Shri Palani Andavar.

Thaipoosam is the most important festival of this abode of God. During that period thousands of devotees from various parts of the state will come to Palani and many number of them came even simply by foot. Incridibly many of the devotees would have to walk many hundreds of kilometers to reach Palani. Golden Chariot is the main attraction of the temple. For those who are not able to climb the steps winch and rope cars are also run by devasthanamn so that any one who feels difficult to climb the rock can easily reach the temple.

Lord Swaminathan

It is the second abode of God Murugan. In legend it is said that this is where Lord tell the meaning of  'Om' thePranav Mantra' to his father Lord Shiva. As he became the tutor of his father Lord Shiva, the God in this abode is known as Swaminathan. The temple is situated just 5 km away from Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Unlike other abodes we can't see here huge rocks. However, we need to climb at least 60 steps to see the idol of main God Muruga. And each of the 60 step represents a tamil year as there are sixty tamil years according to Sastras. Before getting the glimpse of God we can also see small shrines of God Sundareswar and Goddess Meenakshi.

Chitra Pournami and Kantha Sasti are grandly celebrated here. At that time the temple will be crowded with thousands of devotees

God Thiruparankundram Murugan

The third abode Thiruparankundram is situated on the outskirts of Madurai city in Tamil Nadu. God in this house is called as Subramanyam and this is the place where he got married with Devasana, the daughter of Lord Indra who is the leader of Devas. In the  picture of Thiruparankundram Murugan you can see deity Sun and diety Moon on the top of both sides and his consort Devasana and a worshipping saint are lying on floor. It is said that he protected the devas from demons and devas honoured the Lord by giving their daughter Devasana.

The temple is located at the bottom of 600 foot high rock and we can also get glimpse of  Lord Ganapathy, Lord Shiva, Devi Durga and Lord Vishnu in separate shrines inside the temple. The interesting fact is that the innermost shrine of Lord Muruga here has been craved from a single rock. Another attraction is the presence of subsidiary cave shrines excavated in the rock.It is so auspicious place that many hundreds of marriages would be held in a single day.

The most popular festivals of this abode are Pankuni Uthiram and Kantha Sashti. During Pankuni Uthiram we can see the devotees who involve themself in tough spirtual activities.

Senthil Andavar

Tiruchendur is the fourth abode. This is only abode of Lord Murugan which is situated on the sea shore. It is said that the temple was built 300 years ago by Thesigamoorthy Swamigal belonged to Thiruvaduthurai Adeenam This temple is famous for Kantha Sashti festival which is grandly celebrated every year. On that festival many thousands of devotees will get assembled on the sea shore to see the highlight festival in which Lord Muruga will kill the demon Soora Padman and his brothers. The God of this abode is called Senthil Murugan or Senthil Andavar.

Lord Thiruthani Murugan

Tiruttani is the third abode of Lord Muruga and this is where the Lord married Valli after killing the demon Surapadman. This is situated about 80 Km away from Chennai on Chennai - Thirupathi road. The shrine of the Lord is located on the top of a rock, 500 ft above the ground level. The temple can be reached either by climbing steps or by car.

Since he peacefully stands here after having won the evil things it is believed that he can offer the same to his true devotees. Adi Krithikai is the most popular festival here. That time many thousands of devotees will come here with their kavadis to worship God. Saravana Poikai seen in front of the hill is great attraction of this abode. Here the devotees will also organise floating lamp festival.

Lord Palamuthircholai Murugan

Sixth abode of Lord Muruga Palamuthircholai is located at about 20 km away from Madurai city in Tamil Nadu. Here the shrine of Lord Muruga is situated on the top of a hill which can be reached by tar road. This is really wonderful abode which is surrounded by countless number of woods and shrubs. At the foot of hills we can also find 'Alakar Kovil' which is the popular shrine of Lord Vishnu. Palamuthircholai is the place where Lord Muruga stands with her both consorts shri Valli and Shri Deivanai. Though the abode looks simplest of all, we can enjoy beautiful atmosphere particularly when it is a nice weather. We can also spend some time in  an amusement park found nearer to Alagar Kovil. Kantha Sashti is the most important festival of this abode.


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